BallyhooSensational or clamorous advertising or publicity; Noisy shouting or uproar.

The definition of Ballyhoo does a pretty good job of describing the intentions of this website.  Ballyhoo4U.com was established to act as a repository for the information and data we collect and use on a daily basis.  It is acting as a form of “brain purge”.  The site will also be used to highlight other website projects we are involved with.

With any luck, you will also find the information useful and informative.  We encourage you to check back often, post comments and if you have any articles or “brain purging” of your own, let us know, we will be happy to post it.

Feel free to use the information Ballyhoo4U.com on your personal blog.  The only thing we request is to link back to ballyhoo4u.com.

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