Android 2.1 Now Available for Sprint HTC Hero

On May 19, 2010 Sprint released the long awaited Android 2.1 update for it’s HTC Hero product.  Google Android

Due to the size and complexity of the update, over the wire update is not available.  You must download the appropriate files and perform the update from your computer.

Download the Software update for the HTC Hero with Google and the HTC Sync Upgrade 2.0.33 from Sprint Software Downloads

Detailed instructions on how to perform the update can be found on the  Sprint Support Site.

One very important thing to remember and you will be reminded several times during the upgrade is the update wipes off all information from the phone.  Back everything up first!

I performed the update on my Hero.  The process takes approximately 10 minutes and I didn’t run into any issues throughout the process.

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  1. May 26, 2010 at 9:39 pm


    I performed the update on my personal Sprint Hero phone. The update went smoothly without any issues. I reconfigured my phone to be as close to the same as it was before the update.

    Everything appears to be working smoothly. One issue I have noticed is battery life on the phone appears to be worse. Normally I could get approximately 14 hours before a charge now I am only getting maybe 10 hours. By physically feeling the heat of the phone my guess is it is trying harder to get a strong wireless signal. I don’t have the best coverage at my office.

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