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Lose the Folder in SharePoint

Folders have their place in the world.  They are right at home in the metal cabinet next to your desk. They even live comfortably within Windows Explorer.  But…. in a SharePoint environment, I’m not convinced they belong. Document Libraries in…

Duplicate Computer SIDs on a Network, is it OK?

I have always been trained that it is essential that every computer on your network MUST have a unique SID (Computer Security Identifier). In today’s world of re-imaging computers, changing the SID is always the first step taken. I have a post that discusses using NewSID to easily change the SID on a server.

Embed Video on a SharePoint Page

In an effort to provide additional training resources for our staff we have begun creating short videos demonstrating how to use a particular software application. Our company uses SharePoint as our Intranet. We wanted the ablility to embed these videos directly into a webpart on a page within SharePoint. This page also contains webparts for links to corisponding documents and a survey.

Use RoboCopy to Move Folders from One Server to Another

am in the processing of replacing a server that is ready for retirement. It is necessary for me to move the information from the old server (server A) to the new server (server B). Traditional Copy and Paste will not work because it will only copy the files, not the creation dates, security etc. Here is how I accomplished the task.

To properly copy all of the information I used Robocopy.

Using Windows 7 Upgrade During a Clean Install

I purchased a copy of Windows 7 Ultimate upgrade version. I installed Windows 7 without a hitch until I got to the section where you enter the license key. It would not accept my licence key. It did allow me to skip past the screen. After the install I went through the procedure to Activate the license. I received an error message stating that the version of Windows 7 I purchased could not be used to install it on a Blank disk. (Even though it let me).

Disable “Open in Windows Explorer” on SharePoint

SharePoint is designed to be a resource for people to easily access the information they need. End users are given many options on how to access the info on SharePoint. One powerful way is to use the tool “Open in Windows Explorer”. This is found under Actions in the form/document library you are using. The big advantage of using “Open in Windows Explorer” is it enables you to easily view, copy, delete documents in an environment most are familiar with. This can be a big advantage