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Gmail Compromised?

Google Gmail

I just opened one of my Gmail account and immediately received a security message from Google stating suspicious activity had been taking place. The message stated that the following IP addresses had recently accesses my Gmail Account:

* Unknown United States (DC) (
* Unknown United States (FL) (

WordPress Malware Attacks

Wordpress Logo

Over the past several weeks WordPress has been attacked on several hosting providers. Recent attacks alters files within WordPress that redirects visitors from your site to a malware site.

Sucuri Security has posted instructions on how to remove the infected code from your WordPress site. The instructions to remove the infected code is as follows:

Android 2.1 Now Available for Sprint HTC Hero

Google Android

On May 19, 2010 Sprint released the long awaited Android 2.1 update for it’s HTC Hero product. Due to the size and complexity of the update, over the wire update is not available. You must download the appropriate files and perform the update from your computer.

Create a PDF of your URL allows anyone to create a PDF of any web page. Using the site couldn’t be easier. Go to, enter your URL in the provided field and hit enter. A PDF version of the page you entered will be displayed in a new window.

WordPress for Android

Wordpress Logo

WordPress has released WordPress for Android 1.0.  It can be downloaded from the Android Marketplace on your Android phone. The app allows you to: Configure and manage multiple blogs Comment moderation including the ability to reply to comments Create and…

Category Templates Plugin

The Category Templates plugin for Wordpress is a great for adding custom templates to your posts and archives based on the its Category. The user interface is straight forward and easy to use.

Error When Upgrading WSUS 3 SP2

While trying upgrade Windows Server Update Services, WSUS, I experience the following error in the setup log and the install would stop:

2010-01-08 10:37:52 Error MWUSSetup ExecuteQuery: Failed to execute SQL query USE SUSDB IF EXISTS (select * FROM master..sysdatabases WHERE name= N’SUSDB’ AND suser_sname(sid) is null) EXEC dbo.sp_changedbowner N'”DomainName”\administrator’ (Error 0x80040E14)

Review – Evernote for Android

On December 16, 2009 Evernote released Evernote for Android. Evernote is a utility that allows you to capture and sync information from your computer and mobile phone. You can create notes, sync documents, pictures, almost anything you can think of. Once synced, they are indexed, organized and made searchable. Evernote even has the ability to make scanned documents and pictures searchable.