DimDim Virtual Meetings Issues

I am testing DimDim’s virtual meeting software. DimDim is very similar to GoToMeeting and WebEX.  My first test was somewhat disappointing.  After you setup your account, you can host a meeting.  After clicking Host Meeting, DimDim performs an automatic test of your software.  My computer failed the Browser Support Test.  The error message stated:

“This browser is not supported at the moment.  Please use either Internet Explorer version 6.1 and above or Mozilla Firefox to host or join meetings.”

I am currently using Internet Explorer 8 on Windows Vista 32 bit. After poking around DimDim’s Knowledge Base and Forums I couldn’t find any specific information on IE 8 but I did read about some issues with Add-ons and IE.

I decided to experiment with disabling individual Add-ons in IE to see if they were causing the problem.  I found disabling the GoogleFrame BHO and Google Toolbar Notifieer BHO Add-ons I was able to successfully to pass the DimDim startup check and Browser support Check.

Once I was able to resolve this issue I have been very satisfied with DimDim.  Their prices are fantastic and so far performance is great.

DimDim can be found by Clicking Here

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