Embed Video on a SharePoint Page

In an effort to provide additional training resources for our staff we have begun creating short videos demonstrating how to use a particular software application. Our company uses SharePoint as our Intranet. We wanted the ability to embed these videos directly into a webpart on a page within SharePoint. This page also contains webparts for links to corresponding documents and a survey.

To embed the videos I performed the following steps:

  • Create a Webpart page with a general layout.
  • Add a Content Editor Webpart.
  • Select Source Editor in the Content Editor
  • Input the following script in the Source Editor:

p align=”center”>

OBJECT id=playera height=575 width=650


PARAM NAME=”AutoStart” VALUE=”false”>

  • In my example above you will need to add a <>
  • Change the “URL” VALUE= to point to your own video. Ours points to a media streaming server on our network.

1 comment for “Embed Video on a SharePoint Page

  1. KAdler
    January 31, 2015 at 11:16 pm

    it says PARAM NAME=”AutoStart” VALUE=”false” but it still autostarts the video when the page loads? How do I stop it from doing that?
    Thanks so much for the help and the great script!


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