Search Tips for Gmail

Search Mail in Gmail It goes without saying that Google is a very powerful search engine.    Search is included as a key component with in the Gmail application.  The issue is, just like using regular Google search to find something…

Remove Proudly Powered by WordPress on Twenty Ten Theme

WordPress is a fantastic blogging platform to work with. The thousands of themes and plugins make customization of your site very easy. With the release of WordPress 3.0 we were introduced to the new theme Twenty Ten. It is a basic theme with basic customization and flexibility. By default the theme adds “Proudly Powered by WordPress” on the bottom of all your pages and posts. I am all for supporting WordPress and promoting their product but sometimes you want a clean look.

Gmail Compromised?

Google Gmail

I just opened one of my Gmail account and immediately received a security message from Google stating suspicious activity had been taking place. The message stated that the following IP addresses had recently accesses my Gmail Account:

* Unknown United States (DC) (
* Unknown United States (FL) (