Using Windows 7 Upgrade During a Clean Install

I purchased a copy of Windows 7 Ultimate upgrade version. I installed Windows 7 without a hitch until I got to the section where you enter the license key. It would not accept my licence key. It did allow me to skip past the screen. After the install I went through the procedure to Activate the license. I received an error message stating that the version of Windows 7 I purchased could not be used to install it on a Blank disk. (Even though it let me).

Disable “Open in Windows Explorer” on SharePoint

SharePoint is designed to be a resource for people to easily access the information they need. End users are given many options on how to access the info on SharePoint. One powerful way is to use the tool “Open in Windows Explorer”. This is found under Actions in the form/document library you are using. The big advantage of using “Open in Windows Explorer” is it enables you to easily view, copy, delete documents in an environment most are familiar with. This can be a big advantage

Moving Document Library Views in SharePoint

Here is the procedure for re-linking the Access Views so they display accurate information. (This procedure assumes you are using Microsoft Access 2007)

* The Access View points to an Access Document in a Document Library on your SharePoint site. Find the specific Access document and move it to the appropriate Document Library.
* Open the newly moved Access document in Edit mode.
* Once Access it open, Right Click on one of the List Tables listed under the All Tables. Select Sharepoint List Options.
* In Sharepoint List Options, select Relink Lists. (NOTE: Relink Lists can also be found by clicking the External Data Tab)
* Type in the name of the New Sharepoint site where you new Lists are located. Click Get lists.

Review – Mobile Defense for Android Phones

I use a Sprint Hero mobile phone with the Android operating system. I love the phone. I read an article on PCWorld’s website today about the Android App Mobile Defense. I thought I would give it a try.

The Mobile Defense app allows you to track your phone in the event of loss or theft. It uses the GPS, Wireless hot spots, or cell towers (or all at once) to track your phone. The app silently runs in the background using very little resources.