Review – Evernote for Android

On December 16, 2009 Evernote released Evernote for AndroidEvernote is a utility that allows you to capture and sync information from your computer and mobile phone.  You can create notes, sync documents, pictures, almost anything you can think of.  Once synced, they are indexed, organized and made searchable.  Evernote even has the ability to make scanned documents and pictures searchable.

Evernote for Android can be downloaded at the Market on your Android phone.  It currently has a 4 out of 5 star rating.

Evernote for Android is easy enough to use.  To use it, you must first have a username and password for the Evernote service.   Once you have installed the software on your Android and have a username and password, you can easily connect to the service from your phone.

Using Evernote for Android is simple and self explanatory.

Evernote New Note on Android

Once major limitation of Evernote for Android is, in order for you to view anything you have saved on the Evernote service, you must be online.  It currently does not offer the ability to cache anything to your SD card for offline viewing.  Evernote states they are working on this and it will be available in future versions.

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