Review – Mobile Defense for Android Phones

I use a Sprint Hero mobile phone with the Android operating system.  I love the phone.  I read an article on PCWorld’s website today about the Android App  Mobile Defense.  I thought I would give it a try.

The Mobile Defense app allows you to track your phone in the event of loss or theft.  It uses the GPS, Wireless hot spots, or cell towers (or all at once) to track your phone.  The app silently runs in the background using very little resources.

The App was easily downloaded it from the Market on my phone.  Installation was very straight forward.

  • The first time you open the app on your phone it prompts you to verify your phone number, asks you for the usual, email address, user name and password.
  • An email is sent to you to verify your email address.
  • A text is sent to the phone verifying the correct phone number.
  • After your phone number and email address is verified you can log onto Mobile Defense’s website.

Mobile Defense’s Dashboard site is very clean and easy to navigate.  To track where your phone:

  • Click on the Map tab.  Your activated phone will be listed on the right.
  • Click “Connect to Phone” to establish a link to the phone.

Once you are remotely connected to your mobile phone you can:

  • Send an Alert to the phone.  This can be an audible alarm (much like a car alarm), and a message that pops up on the phone.  You can configure the Alert to be silenced on the phone or only from the webpage.  In my testing I discovered that you can turn down the ringer on your phone and the alert will be silenced.  This is only temporary.  It automatically switched back to the loudest setting.  Also the display is disabled so you can’t turn off the phone.
  • You can track where the phone is on the Map.
  • You can lock your phone remotely.  (Note- There is an additional step required to make the lock feature work properly.  Detailed instructions are included with the email your receive.
  • You can click on a Details page to see specific details about your phone such as location, signal strength, and battery life.

Mobile Defense is currently free, you can’t beat that price.  Subscription fees may be in the future for various tasks it can preform.

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