Schedule Backup using SQL 2005 Management Studio

Microsort SQL 2005 Management ConsoleProcedures for scheduling a backup of a SQL 2005 database using Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio.  The steps are as follows:

  • Open SQL Server Management Studio
  • Connect to the server where the desired database you wish to schedule the backup on is located.
  • Expand the Databases Folder in the Object Explorer and locate the proper database.
  • Right click the database, select Tasks, select Back Up
  • Fill out the Source, Backup set, and Destination as you normally would in a standard backup.
  • On the Script¬†dropdown located at the top of the box, Select Script Action to Job
  • Select Schedules in the Select a page column.
  • Click New
  • Type in the Name of your new Job Schedule and fill out the remaining information on the page. Click OK
  • Click OK again.
To monitor or edit your schedule:
  • Expand SQL Server Agent in Object Explorer
  • Select Jobs folder
  • Double Click the Job in question

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