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Create a PDF of your URL

PDFMyURL.com allows anyone to create a PDF of any web page. Using the site couldn’t be easier. Go to pdfmyurl.com, enter your URL in the provided field and hit enter. A PDF version of the page you entered will be displayed in a new window.

Review – Evernote for Android

On December 16, 2009 Evernote released Evernote for Android. Evernote is a utility that allows you to capture and sync information from your computer and mobile phone. You can create notes, sync documents, pictures, almost anything you can think of. Once synced, they are indexed, organized and made searchable. Evernote even has the ability to make scanned documents and pictures searchable.

Review – Canon 50D Digital SLR Camera

This review was written for people who are not proficient with the terms and concepts used in the DSLR world. If you are a proficient DSLR user then I would recommend that you check one of the much shorter reviews here or dpreview. For example, you already know what vignetting is and therefore understand the importance of the new lens peripheral illumination correction feature. However, a new DSLR buyer does not know what this means and this is why I therefore explain what each feature really is so these people can then decide if the feature is really important to them.

Review – Mobile Defense for Android Phones

I use a Sprint Hero mobile phone with the Android operating system. I love the phone. I read an article on PCWorld’s website today about the Android App Mobile Defense. I thought I would give it a try.

The Mobile Defense app allows you to track your phone in the event of loss or theft. It uses the GPS, Wireless hot spots, or cell towers (or all at once) to track your phone. The app silently runs in the background using very little resources.