Use RoboCopy to Move Folders from One Server to Another

I am in the processing of replacing a server that is ready for retirement. It is necessary for me to move the information from the old server (server A) to the new server (server B). Traditional Copy and Paste will not work because it will only copy the files, not the creation dates, security etc. Here is how I accomplished the task.

To properly copy all of the information I used Robocopy.

  • Robocopy is part of the Windows Server 2003 Resource Kit Tools. The Resource Kit can be downloaded HERE.
  • I was also able to find and download Robocopy GUI for Microsoft Technet. As the name implies, it is the GUI version of Robocopy. Download it HERE.

I used Robocopy GUI for this task. I selected the Source and Target Path. In the Copy Options Tab I selected /S /E /SEC. This copied all files and folders from Server A to Server B. It also retained the attributes and Security settings for the files and folders.

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